CURRENTLY TRENDING: THE KITCHEN #SHELFIE By: Mary Delong Kitchens today seem to be less constricted and more styled, thanks in large part to easy (and cost-effective) open shelving. But with dining essentials on display instead of hidden behind cabinet doors, a little styling is required. With the help of a #shelfie (Get it? A shelf selfie?) [...]

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Luxurious Pools

This Week at Home: Modern Pools BY ALEX RONAN  CULTURE | JUNE 08, 2018 To celebrate the season of swimming—and sunbathing—by the pool, here are some great finds aimed at the homeowner and houseguest, those prepping the pool for daily use or just those dreaming of being in the cool blue water. Someone Who Inspired Us American [...]

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5-Star Summer Party Guide

BY ALLEGRA MUZZILLO | JUNE 04, 2018 Whether it’s a summer holiday or just a regular weekend, summer weather calls for throwing a great party. To learn the ins and outs of decorating and preparing a successful summer event— from choosing the right theme to making it your own—we tapped the expertise of Lexi Stolz, [...]

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Get your home Summer-Ready!

BY ALEX RONAN | JUNE 07, 2018 “There’s a difference between decorating an outdoor space and integrating the exterior into a larger whole,” says landscape architect Christopher LaGuardia, who started his own firm, LaGuardia Design Group, in 1993. This is especially true in the Hamptons, where everyone wants to enjoy the outdoors during the peak season. Here, [...]

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Timeless Midcentury Furniture for Every Home

BY KATE DONNELLY  OBJECTS|APRIL 24, 2018 No matter your design aesthetic—modern, traditional or somewhere in-between—incorporating iconic midcentury furniture will add form and function to your space. There’s a reason why these classics never seem to fade out of fashion: Eames Lounge and Ottoman In 1956, American husband-and-wife design duo Charles and Ray Eames —whose work [...]

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Brooklyn Apartment’s Luxurious Renovation

Before and After: Brooklyn Co-Op Gets Luxe Update By Alex Ronan | October 11, 2017 First time home-buyer Joe Mazias was feeling nervous about the floor in his new apartment. He’d just closed on a two-bedroom co-op unit (now under contract) in a circa 1910 brownstone in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, and had [...]

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Easy Ways to Transform Your House

Giving your home a makeover does not have to be too time consuming or expensive. In fact, many a times creativity & emphasis on small inexpensive modifications/ alterations can bring about great changes, drastically improving the functionality of different elements while enhancing the visual appeal manifolds. And it is exactly what this article is all [...]

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I love an open floor plan. It allows for a great flow of traffic and particularly good for entertaining. It also creates a grand and spacious feeling to an already small space. So the open plan is certainly a must for apartments. Read this article from   16 AMAZING OPEN PLAN KITCHENS IDEAS FOR YOUR [...]

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Manhattan Condo With Two Master Suites

I will always be a hybrid city/nofo girl. It's hard not to drool over this Manhattan condo. Check out the original post on WSJ Manhattan Condo With Two Master Suites Replay Manhattan Condo With Two Master Suites Michael Achenbaum, president of Gansevoort Hotel Group, knew what he was getting into when he bought two apartments [...]

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