5-Star Summer Party Guide

BY ALLEGRA MUZZILLO | JUNE 04, 2018 Whether it’s a summer holiday or just a regular weekend, summer weather calls for throwing a great party. To learn the ins and outs of decorating and preparing a successful summer event— from choosing the right theme to making it your own—we tapped the expertise of Lexi Stolz, [...]

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Get your home Summer-Ready!

BY ALEX RONAN | JUNE 07, 2018 “There’s a difference between decorating an outdoor space and integrating the exterior into a larger whole,” says landscape architect Christopher LaGuardia, who started his own firm, LaGuardia Design Group, in 1993. This is especially true in the Hamptons, where everyone wants to enjoy the outdoors during the peak season. Here, [...]

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Camp in Style This Summer

BY ZIO BARITAUX | CULTURE | MAY 25, 2018 “Glamping” lets you experience Mother Nature without sacrificing creature comforts. Here are some swanky outdoor accommodations—from the Hudson Valley to remote Namibia—plus designer tips and must-haves that will ensure you’re a happy glamper this summer. Someone Who Inspired Us The recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of [...]

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Tips for a Modern, yet Contemporary Summer Home

BY ZIO BARITAUX | HOMES | MARCH 27, 2018 Expansive lawns dotted with hydrangeas, powdery sand dunes, windswept grasses and shimmering ocean views—the thought of the Hamptons easily evokes these images. “Nature is the essential quality that brings people from all over the world to the East End,” says Cristina Peffer of Sag Harbor-based interior design firm Babcock Peffer. [...]

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An Insider’s Guide to Exclusive Real Estate

Richard Murdocco | APRIL 24, 2017 LONG ISLAND’S REAL ESTATE MARKET is as dynamic as it is diverse. The suburban single-family home that first designated the region as prime for young families in the 1940s has evolved to meet our changing demographics and increasingly affluent clientele. Today, Long Island is home to a rich housing stock, [...]

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Timeless Midcentury Furniture for Every Home

BY KATE DONNELLY  OBJECTS|APRIL 24, 2018 No matter your design aesthetic—modern, traditional or somewhere in-between—incorporating iconic midcentury furniture will add form and function to your space. There’s a reason why these classics never seem to fade out of fashion: Eames Lounge and Ottoman In 1956, American husband-and-wife design duo Charles and Ray Eames —whose work [...]

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The North Fork Boom

 Richard Murdocco | MAY 21, 2018 Driving along Main Road across the Town of Southold one passes through vast expanses of farmland that seem to span horizon to horizon. Head to the north, and the contrast of the crisp white sand against the blueish-green water commands almost as much attention as the brilliant blue sky above. [...]

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Pricing a Home for Sale

BY SCOTT BOWEN  | FEBRUARY 06, 2018 Pricing a home for sale is both an art and a science—and could mean the difference between a quick sale and a listing that sits on the market for months. Here are some best practices to help you set a price that’s designed [...]

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Trending Home Renovation Ideas

BY ALLEGRA MUZZILLO | MARCH 02, 2018 Looking to find a decent contractor for your small-to-large home renovation? Or maybe you need to flesh out ideas on how best to overhaul your space? Sweeten—a free service pairing reno-focused homeowners (and commercial clients, too) with licensed, meticulously vetted general contractors that bid for the [...]

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