Make your home into a 5-star listing

The Best House Listings All Have This in Common Lambeth Hochwald  |  Sep 4, 2018   When you're about to sell your place, you want it to look as gorgeous as possible to attract the best buyer. And the one thing that all the most attractive listings have? A set of great photos. The [...]

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Factory-Inspired Kitchen

Kitchen of the Week: Industrial Style Warmed Up A clever coffee bar and pantry, salvaged wood, and open shelves combine in a factory-inspired kitchen Becky Harris September 14, 2018 New England Design Elements EmailSave Photos by Brittany Fecteau Kitchen at a Glance Who uses it: A surgeon, her 9-year-old daughter and their cat Location: Windham, New Hampshire Size: 280 [...]

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Things to do this fall in the Hamptons

Hamptons Fall Playlist: 9 Great Things to Eat, See, and Do BY MELISSA KLURMAN CULTURE | SEP 04 Don’t be fooled: The East End is alive and well after Labor Day. The summer beach season officially ended on Labor Day, but the East End offers plenty to experience after the weather starts to cool [...]

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Black Paint Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets

The Best Black Paint Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets Nancy Mitchell | Aug 18, 2018 (Image credit: Cathy Pyle) It's not for the faint of heart, certainly, but we have to say that we love the look of black cabinets in the kitchen. Lately we've seen black cabinets lending their sophisticated hue to more and more [...]

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Ways to Style Your Fireplace

9 Unexpected Ways to Style Your Fireplace Kelsey Mulvey | Aug 15, 2018 Let's face it: There's no better way to spend a cold, snowy winter than nestled in front of a fireplace. But what are you supposed to do with your fireplace the rest of the year? Or if you live in a hot, dry [...]

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Paint Colors for a Relaxing Home

7 Designers Share Their Favorite Paint Colors for a Relaxing Home Kelsey Mulvey | Aug 3, 2018 At Apartment Therapy, we believe that your home is your sanctuary—and you should treat it as such. After all, where else can you retreat to after a long day at work, bad date, or busy vacation and just relax? But [...]

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A Local’s Guide to Shelter Island

A Local’s Guide to Shelter Island BY MELISSA KLURMAN | JUL 23 Shelter Island offers a taste of New England close to New York City. Sandwiched between Long Island’s North and South forks, this 8,000-acre hamlet is a 10-minute ferry ride from Greenport or Sag Harbor. “As soon as the boat backs away from the dock, [...]

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7 Homes Offering Indoor/Outdoor Living at its Very Best

7 Homes Offering Indoor/Outdoor Living at its Very Best BY ZIO BARITAUX | JUL 16 In these properties, the appeal of the outdoors is incorporated inside. With walls of windows, lush landscaping, sparkling pools, luxe loggias, or incredible views, staying home will be all the vacation you need. 87 Mercer Street This 6,700-square-foot penthouse apartment in SoHo [...]

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7 Trends That Will Be Huge in 2019

7 Trends That Will Be Huge in 2019—According to the IKEA Catalog Bridget Mallon | Aug 3, 2018 The 2019 IKEA Catalog is the gift that just keeps on giving. Beyond serving up tons of eye candy, painting ideas, and new collections, the IKEA catalog is a great place to go for a sneak peek at the home trends that [...]

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